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AAP Certificate Programs


  • Degrees Offered: Certificate
  • Graduate certificate courses are delivered online and onsite, offering you maximum flexibility and convenience.

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Advanced Media Studies


  • Degrees Offered: Certificate
advanced media studies, media, media studies, digital media, communications, communication, journalism



  • Majors: Archaeology
  • Degrees Offered: BA
archaeology, archeology, archaeological, society, societies, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Mesoamerica, new world, old world, artifacts, museum, archaelology

Behavioral Biology


  • Majors: Behavioral Biology
  • Degrees Offered: BA
behavioral biology, behavior, biology, david s. olton, medical science, science, zoology



  • Minors: Bioethics
bioethics, berman, institute, moral, ethical, philosophy, bioethical



  • Degrees Offered: MS
bioinformatics, MS, masters in bioinformatics, part-time graduate, washington dc, master of science, advanced academic programs, bioinformatics, regulatory science, post-bacc health intensive, biomedical, medical science, aap, online, biotech, biotechnology, bioinfo



  • Majors: Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Degrees Offered: BA, BS, MS, PhD
biology, cellular biology, molecular biology, bio, biochemistry, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, biochemistry, biophysics, medical science, medicine, neurobiology, microbiology, zoology, physiology, anatomy, marine biology, dentistry, premed, biomedical, exercise science



  • Majors: Biophysics
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
biophysics, science, medical science, bioengineering, biopharmaceutical, medicine, pharmacy



  • Degrees Offered: MS; MS/MBA
biotech, biotechnology, MS, masters in biotechnology, part-time graduate, washington dc, master of science, advanced academic programs, bioinformatics, regulatory science, post-bacc health intensive, biomedical, medical science, aap, online

Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


  • Degrees Offered: MBEE
enterprise, biotech, biotechnology, regulatory, part-time graduate, master's, part-time master's, graduate, Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, advanced academic programs, aap, online

Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology and Biophysics


  • Degrees Offered: PhD
Biology Biochemistry Biophysics Cell Developmental Molecular

Chemical Biology


  • Degrees Offered: PhD
Chemistry Biology Pharmacology Molecular Sciences Biochemistry Molecular Biomolecular Chemical Engineering Biophysics Biophysical Chemistry



  • Majors: Chemistry
  • Degrees Offered: BA, MA, PhD
Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, environmental chemistry, chem, chemical, biochemistry, medical science, pharmacy



  • Majors: Classics
  • Minors: Classics
  • Degrees Offered: BA, BA/MA, PhD
classics, greece, rome, ancient greece, ancient, ancient rome, history, civilization, religion, art, archaeology, philosophy, law, mythology, archaeology, culture, Ancient, Classical, Greek, Latin, Rome

Cognitive Science


  • Majors: Cognitive Science
  • Minors: Linguistics
  • Degrees Offered: BA, MA, PhD
cognitive science, Cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, Linguistics, cognition, Neuroscience, Philosophy of mind,



  • Degrees Offered: MA, MA/MBA
communication, communications, masters in communication, MA, master of arts, MA/MBA, part-time graduate, advanced academic programs, washington dc, public relations, PR, media relations, digital communication, journalism, aap, online

Cultural Heritage Management


  • Degrees Offered: MA
cultural heritage management tourism preservation conservation engagement community stakeholder partnerships aap advanced academic programs master's degree master of arts online

Earth and Planetary Sciences


  • Majors: Earth & Planetary Studies, Global Environmental Change & Sustainability
  • Minors: Same as majors
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
earth and planetary sciences, earth science, earth sciences, climate, environmental science, environmental sciences, environmental studies, environment, environmental, ecology, atmospheric, atmosphere, biosphere, oceans; geochemistry; geology and geophysics; planets; global environmental change and sustainability, geology, geophysics, meteorology, conservation, geography,

East Asian Studies


  • Majors: East Asian Studies
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
east asian studies, east asian, asian studies, asia, east asia, asia studies, Chinese, japanese



  • Majors: English
  • Minors: English
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
english, literature, communications, communication, journalism

Environmental Sciences and Policy


  • Degrees Offered: MS
environmental studies, environmental science, part-time graduate, MS, master of science, energy policy, climate, geographic information systems, advanced academic programs, graduate, environment, environmental, energy, conservation, aap, online

Environmental Sustainability


  • Majors: Global Environmental Change and Sustainability
  • Minors: Global Environmental Change and Sustainability
  • Degrees Offered: BA
global environmental change sustainability GECS environment sustainable world

Film and Media


  • Degrees Offered: MA
film and media studies, film, media, cinema, advanced academic programs, aap, MICA, sound, television, tv, filmmaking, station north, entertainment, arts, film and media, MA, master of arts

Film and Media Studies


  • Majors: Film and Media Studies
  • Minors: Film and Media Studies
  • Degrees Offered: BA
film and media studies, film, media, cinema,

German & Romance Languages & Literatures


  • Majors: Romance Languages, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Minors: Various
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD, BA/MA
Romance Languages, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, literature, culture, hispanic, literatures, language, languages, linguistics

Global Security Studies


  • Degrees Offered: MA
global security, global security studies, security, homeland security, security, aap, advanced academic programs, online

History of Art


  • Majors: Art History
  • Minors: Art History
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
art, art history, history of art, Ancient, medieval, Renaissance, baroque, modern,

History of Science and Technology


  • Majors: History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
  • Minors: History of Science, Medicine and Technology
  • Degrees Offered: BA, MA, PhD
history of science, history of technology, history of medicine, history of science and technology, host

Humanistic Studies


  • Degrees Offered: MA
MA humanistic studies interdisciplinary literature philosophy religion intellectual history comparative literature master's degree master of arts humanities center

Humanities Center


  • Majors: Comparative Literature, Intellectual History
  • Degrees Offered: PhD, MA
humanities, art, literature, film, history, philosophy, great books, writing, literature, comparative literature, intellectual history, history, english,

Individualized Genomics and Health


  • Degrees Offered: MS
individualized genomics health DNA RNA sequence analysis human microbial genomes bioinformatics bioscience regulatory science policy ethics aap online advanced academic programs part-time master's degree master of science rockville baltimore

Islamic Studies

  • Minors: Islamic Studies
islamic islam

Jewish Studies


  • Minors: Jewish Studies
jewish studies, Jewish, judaism, race

Language Education


    Arabic, Chinese, English for International Teaching Assistants, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English as a Second Language

language, language education, center for language education, CLE, language teaching center, Arabic, Chinese, English for International Teaching Assistants, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, ESL, english as a second language, languages, linguistics



  • Majors: Mathematics
  • Minors: Mathematics
  • Degrees Offered:  BA, BA/MA, PhD
math, mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics, Calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, mathematical analysis, abstract algebra, number theory, topology, complex variables, differential geometry, Fourier analysis, Algebraic topology, algebraic and complex geometry, harmonic analysis, mathematical physics, number theory, partial differential equations, Riemannian geometry

Medicine, Science, and the Humanities

  • Majors: Medicine, Science, and the Humanities
Anthropology Classics English German Romance Languages Literatures History Art Science Technology Humanities Center Near Eastern Studies Philosophy Writing Major

Molecular Biophysics


  • Degrees Offered: PhD
biophysics, science, medical science, bioengineering, biopharmaceutical, medicine, pharmacy, molecular biophysics biophysical chemistry physics, genetics, computer science,

Museum Studies


  • Degrees Offered: MA
museum, museum studies, part-time graduate, masters, master of arts, advanced academic programs, aap, online

Museums and Society


  • Minors: Museums and Society
museums, museums and society, society



  • Minors: Music
music, peabody, conservatory, arts, art, musical, music minor, music major, peabody institute, peabody conservatory

Near Eastern Studies


  • Majors: Near Eastern Studies
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
near east, near eastern, near eastern studies, archaeology, archeology, umm el-marra, egypt, syria, semitic, biblical, ancient, hebrew, arabic, palestine, mesopotamia, ancient civilizations, religion, christianity, judaism, islam, islamic, islamic studies, turkish, middle east, western culture



  • Majors: Neuroscience
  • Degrees Offered: BS, BS/MS
neuroscience, science, medical science, sciences, neurobiology, neuro, brain

Non-Credit Programs


    Pursue lifelong learning through a wide selection of courses, workshops, and lectures offered by the Odyssey program, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

non-credit, lifelong learning, liberal arts, odyssey, osher, non-degree, personal enrichment, aap, advanced academic programs, online



  • Majors: Philosophy
  • Minors: Philosophy, Bioethics
  • Degrees Offered: BA, PhD
philosophy, ethics, bioethics

Physics and Astronomy


  • Majors: Physics
  • Minors: Physics, Space Science and Engineering
  • Degrees Offered: BA, BS, PhD, MA/PhD
physics, astronomy, astrophysics, plasma spectroscopy, particle physics, condensed matter, space science, meteorology



    The Pre-Law Program is not a major but part of a pre-professional advising track program.

pre-law, prelaw, law, pre-professional



    The Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program allows college graduates and professionals to take the required courses for admission to medical schools.

post-bac premed, post-bac pre-med, pre-med, premed, premedical, pre-medical, post-baccalaureate premedical, medicine, medical science, premedicine, biology, biomedical,

Theatre Arts


  • Minors: Theatre Arts
theater arts, theatre arts, theater, theatre, drama, john astin

Visual Arts


    Minors: Visual Arts

art, arts, visual art, visual arts, fine art, fine arts, painting, drawing, photography, cartooning, architecture, art workshops, mattin center, homewood art workshops, design, studio art, art studio, illustration, architecture, design, fashion



  • Degrees Offered: MA
writing, masters in writing, master of arts in writing, fiction, nonfiction, science-medical writing, part-time graduate, advanced academic programs, creative writing, aap, online

Writing Seminars


  • Majors: Writing Seminars
  • Degrees Offered: BA, MFA
writing, writing seminars, fiction, poetry, science writing, hopkins review, screenwriting, playwriting, communication, editorial, nonfiction, creative writing, literature

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