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Center For Africana Studies

Faculty Books


Ben Vinson, III

The Story of Virgil Richardson, A Tuskegee Airman in Mexico
By Ben Vinson, III

Jane Guyer

Marginal Gains: Monetary Transactions in Atlantic Africa
By Jane Guyer

Pier Larson

Ocean of Letters: Language and Creolization in an Indian Ocean Diaspora (Critical Perspectives on Empire)
By Pier Larson

Katrina Bell McDonald

Embracing Sisterhood: Class, Identity, and Contemporary Black Women
By Katrina Bell McDonald


Sara Berry

Chiefs Know Their Boundaries: Essays on Poverty, Power and the Past in Asante
By Sara Berry

Siba Grovogui

Sovereigns, Quasi-Sovereigns, and Africans: Race and Self-Determination in International Law
By Siba Grovogui

Franklin Knight with Teresita Martinez Vergne

Contemporary Caribbean Cultures and Societies in a Global Context
By Franklin Knight (with Teresita Martinez Vergne)

Michael Hanchard

Party/Politics: Horizons in Black Political Thought

By Michael Hanchard

Stare in the Darkness:    The Limits of Hip-hop and Black Politics

By Lester K. Spence