Undergraduate Opportunities

1) Research Opportunities on ForagerOne

The Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) and the Vice Provost for Research have created a new online platform to connect students to research opportunities at Hopkins. Visit foragerone.com!

2) Job Opportunity

An immediate position is available for an undergraduate research assistant to work on a new repository about black worker history at JHU. The project, called “Housing Our History,” is looking for an undergraduate to help set-up the project and find and catalogue oral histories. The salary is $13/hour. Interested students should contact Dr. Shani Mott to apply (smott2@jhu.edu).

3) Paid Summer Internship: Priority Application deadline of March 1, 2018

The Yleana Leadership Academy is interested in recruiting both grads and undergrads for a transformative SAT summer camp which is part SAT boot camp, part higher order thinking skills development, part leadership academy, part on-campus college experience, and part traditional summer camp. The Academy is looking for people willing to work hard and have an amazing time creating a summer camp experience for kids.

The Yleana Leadership Academy, the flagship program of the Yleana Leadership Foundation, is a residential summer academy which serves rising high school seniors in urban areas (Baltimore, Boston/North Shore of MA, NYC, and Philadelphia) and seeks to close the achievement gap. We are part college experience, part summer camp, part intense SAT training, and part leadership academy. In addition to SAT classes, students explore issues like race, class, and gender through our Issues curriculum, an open-forum discussion setting where they question these issues through readings by people like James Baldwin, Junot Diaz, bell hooks, and Sherman Alexie. We also help our students develop higher order/critical thinking skills through our Entrepreneurship class, which culminates in a one-day startup fair with entrepreneurs from all over the world advising the students all day until their crowning face-off, a Shark Tank competition. Besides studying for the SAT, being part of Issues and Entrepreneurship classes, campers enjoy a traditional summer camp experience (complete with campfires under the stars and S’mores on Saturday nights!) while becoming a part of a welcoming and introspective camp community. In 2017, the average score improvement in a 3-week period was 160-180 points on the SAT.

Four different positions are open for the summer (June 16 to August 13, 2018). Click the title below for more information.

Interested in applying?

4) 4-Month Summer Research Placement with the Nigeria Resuscitation Team Management

The Nigeria-Resuscitation Team Management is a project located in the Center for Global Health at Johns Hopkins. The project is looking for graduate and undergraduate students interested in a 4-month paid research placement in Lagos, Nigeria.

For information about the placement and application procedures, please visit: http://hopkinsglobalhealth.org/funding-opportunities/student-and-trainee-grants/ghefp/project-list/nigeria-resuscitation-team-management-in-nigeria/

5) Maryland State Archives Summer Internships

The Maryland State Archives is currently accepting applications to its 2018 summer internship program. The deadline for student application is Saturday, March 31st. Please contact Emily Oland Squires with any questions (emily.squires@maryland.gov, 410-260-6443). For full details and application information, see: http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/educ/html/interns.html.

6) PhD Fellowship with the African American Public Humanities Initiative

The African American Public Humanities Initiative (AAPHI) is a competitive fellowship for students who are interested in African American public humanities (public scholarship, community outreach, collections based research, and digital humanities) and applying to the University of Delaware in one of the following graduate programs: Art History, English and History. The APPHI consists of a five-year, $25,000/year fellowship with up to an additional $4500 in summer funding, generous professional development funds, and graduate assistantships in archives, repositories, and museums.

For application deadlines and departmental contacts, contact Dr. Tiffany Gill at tgill@udel.edu or 302-831-6307.

For more information, visit www.afampublichumanities.udel.edu.

7) Volunteer Opportunity

The Ghana Health and Education Initiative will be offering three volunteer sessions for 2018: Community Health Evaluation 1, Community Health Evaluation Deep Dive, and Girls’ Empowerment. Each session will last for two or three weeks and take place in Ghana.

The GHEI Summer “Serve and Learn” volunteer programs offer participants the chance to be immersed in a rural Ghanaian community and work alongside local staff members in support of a small community development organization’s year-round health and education programs. More information about the GHEI is available at www.ghei.org. For questions, please contact Elena Szajewski at communications@ghei.org.