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Center For Africana Studies

Blacks: A Reviled Minority (Video)

Speaker: Dr. Ancella Livers

Date of Lecture:

Tearing Down the Big House: Performance, Violence & Racial Formation in Brazil (Video)

Speaker: Dr. Christen A. Smith

Date of Lecture:

Race, Politics and the American Revolution's Black Refugees (Audio)

Speaker: Alex Byrd, Associate Professor of History, Rice University

Date of Lecture:

The Youth Narcotic Problem (Audio)

Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Williams, Associate Professor of History, Case Western Reserve University

Date of Lecture: 4.30.2009

National Aspirations and Local Commitments: the History of West African Elite (Video)

Speaker: Professor Carola Lentz,
Fulbright Fellow at the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University; Professor of Anthropology and African Studies, the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.  

Date of Lecture: 12.04.2008

Aksum and Ethiopia's Late Antique Heritage (Audio)

Speaker: Marilyn Heldman, Art Historian

Date of Lecture: 02.28.2008

Photobiologics and Our Threadbare Social: Imagining a Critical Theory of Trauma (Audio)

Speaker: Maurice Stevens, Associate Professor in the Departments of African-American & African Studies and in Comparative Studiesin Humanities at Ohio State University

Date of Lecture: 2.21.2008

Rwanda and Darfur (Video)

Speaker: Scott Straus, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies at the University
of Wisconsin at Madison

Date of Lecture: 04.09.2008

Black Women's Labor in the Age of Emancipation (Video)

Speaker: Rosanne Marion Adderley, Associate Professor, Program in African American Studies, Vanderbilt University

Date of Lecture: 2.12.2008

Panel Discussion
The “New” Immigrant City: Recruitment, Retention, and Settlement of the Foreign Born in Baltimore  (Audio)

Melanie Shell-Weiss, Dept. of History, The Johns Hopkins University; Elizabeth Clifford, Dept. of Sociology, Towson
University; Mindelyn Buford, II, Dept. of Sociology, The Johns Hopkins University

Date of Lecture: 11.29.2007 
Diaspora Pathways Project

Remembering the Spirit of the Sixties

Speakers: Dr. Samuel Hay, Lafayette College; Dr. Melanie Njeri Jackson, Virginia Commonwealth University; Dr. Charles Jones, Georgia State University.

Date of Lecture: 11.12.2007

Religion, Politics & the Postcolonial State: Africa's 'New Diaspora' (Audio)

Speaker:  Dr. Olufemi Vaughan, Associate Provost of SUNY Stonybrook, and Professor of History and Africana Studies.

Date of Lecture: 11.27.2007 
Africana Dialogues Series

An Unchronicled Epic: Black Power in American History (Video)

Speaker:  Dr. Peniel E. Joseph, Department of Africana Studies, SUNY-Stony Brook

Date of Lecture: 08.16.07
Africana Lecture Series

Playing America's Game: Baseball,
Latinos and the Color Line

Speaker:  Dr. Adrian Burgos, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Date of Lecture:
Africana Lecture Series

Between Slavery and Mastery: The Problem of Freedom in Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative (Audio)

Speaker:  Dr. Stefan Wheelock, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh

Date of Lecture: 04.20.07
Africana Lecture Series

Hannah Arendt and C.L.R. James on the Meaning of the Political and the Social (Audio)

Speaker:  Dr. Paget Henry, Professor of Sociology, Department of Africana Studies, Brown University

Date of Lecture: 04.19.07
Africana Lecture Series

The Hispanic Population in
Baltimore (with musings on African
American/Latino relations)

Speaker:  Rafael Regales, Baltimore City Mayor's Hispanic Affairs Liaison

Date of Lecture: 03.06.07
Diaspora Pathways Project Talks

Living Whiteness, Living Blackness (Audio)

Speaker:  Dr. George Yancy, Professor of Philosophy, Duquesne University

Date of Lecture: 03.03.07
Africana Lecture Series

Frederick Douglass' Marronage: Understanding Political Freedom from Modernity's Underside (Audio)

Speaker:  Neil Roberts, Visiting Scholar. Center for Africana Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Date of Lecture: 02.21.07
Africana Lecture Series

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Sincerity, Authenticity and the Politics of Identity

Lecture | Question & Answer Session (Audio)

Speaker:  Dr. John Jackson Jr., Department of Anthropology and the Annenburg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Date of Lecture: 02.16.07
Africana Lecture Series

Reporting About Immigration and Diversity in Baltimore (Audio)

Speaker: Ron Cassie, The Baltimore Examiner

Date of Lecture: 02.13.07
Diaspora Pathways Project Talks