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Undergraduate Program in Archaeology

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Undergraduate Program
in Archaeology
The Johns Hopkins University
Gilman 124
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone (410) 516-8492
Fax (410) 516-5218


  1. The fieldwork should be substantial, i.e. more than a week or two.  Six to eight weeks is a good span of time but is not mandatory; please consult your advisor on the applicability of a program.
  1. You will be assigned 1 credit for satisfying the fieldwork requirement.  However, if you prepare a paper on some aspect of the research you were involved with in the fieldwork and present some of these results to a meeting of majors and advisors in the fall after your summer fieldwork, you may granted 3 credits.  This applies to both field schools and fieldwork experiences that are not part of field schools.  Please note that apart from these 3 credits, credits offered by field schools of other institutions will not be applicable to your Hopkins transcript.  

Procedure for Registering for Archaeology Fieldwork

1. Student selects program with assistance of JHU faculty.

2. Working with the faculty sponsor, the student completes gold Independent Study form (forms available in Garland at Registrar or at Office of Academic Advising). 

Student will select one of the options below:

1 credit: S/U option only

Requirements:  verification of program completion.

Form should be completed as follows:

AS13050501Independent Study - Archaeology Fieldwork


3 credits: Letter Grade 

Requirements:  both of the 3-credit options require oral presentation & research paper. 

The oral presentation will be given on a date in September or October determined by the faculty sponsor, the research paper is due by November 1.  The research paper should be on a subject related to the fieldwork conducted and should be at least 10 double spaced pages, plus bibliography and illustrations.

Form should be completed as follows:

AS13050601Independent Study – Archaeology Fieldwork

3. Student takes completed gold form to Office of Study Abroad to meet with Dr. Lori Citti.  At this meeting, the student will complete the “Hopkins-Sponsored Undergraduate International Research/Independent Study Project Registration” form (this is an orange 2-page form) and receive general information.  This form must be completed by all fieldwork students whether their program is abroad or in the United States.

4. Dr. Citti will submit the student’s gold registration form to the Registrar.

5. Student completes fieldwork program.

6. Depending on credit option:

1-credit students send confirmation of program completion to faculty sponsor. 

Sponsor will award 1 S/U credit.


3-credit students will be informed of date for oral presentation in September or October. 

The research paper is due by November 1—students should contact faculty sponsor to discuss paper.