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Undergraduate Program in Archaeology

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Undergraduate Program
in Archaeology
The Johns Hopkins University
Gilman 124
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone (410) 516-8492
Fax (410) 516-5218

Faculty Directory

Glenn Schwartz

Glenn Schwartz
Co-Director, Archaeology Program
Whiting Professor of Archaeology (Near Eastern Studies Department)
Near Eastern archaeology, archaeological method and theory

Office:  Gilman 124
Phone: 410- 516-8492

Alan ShapiroH. Alan Shapiro
Co-Director, Archaeology Program
W.H. Collin Vickers Professor of Archaeology (Classics Department)
Greek and Roman art and archaeology

Office: Gilman 190
Phone: 410-516-8221

Emily Anderson
Senior Lecturer (Classics and History of Art)
Aegean and eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age archaeology and art; material culture studies, glyptic, interaction, craft
Office: Gilman 148
Phone: (410) 516-5691

Betsy Bryan

Betsy Bryan
Alexander Badawy Chair in Egyptian Art and Archaeology
(Near Eastern Studies Department)
Egyptian archaeology and art

Office: Gilman 118
Phone: 410-516-8402

Marian Feldman
(History of Art and Near Eastern Studies Departments)
Ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean art

Office: Gilman 174
Phone: 410-516-2814

Michael Harrower
Assistant Professor (Near Eastern Studies Department)
Archaeology of the Near East and Africa, Landscape Archaeology, GIS

Office: Gilman 140
Phone: (410) 516-7500

Matthew RollerMatthew Roller
Professor (Classics Department)
Roman material culture and history

Office: Gilman 102
Phone: (410) 516-5095
Lisa DeLeonardis
Austen-Stokes Professor in Art of the Ancient Americas, History of Art
Ancient archaeology and art of the Americas

Office: Gilman 167
Phone: (410) 516-5528