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    The Arrighi Center is a transdisciplinary research center devoted to the study of urgent contemporary problems arising from processes of globalization.
  • Social Protest
    The Center sponsors seminars on the dynamics of contemporary and historical capitalism, crisis, and transition
  • Mission
    The Center's mission includes a serious rethinking of dominant intellectual paradigms on global inequality and development
  • Sawyer
    Faculty and students collaborate in Research Working Groups on the key thematic priorities of the Center including land, labor and environmental rights and struggles

Center News & Announcements

May 13, 2015

Dan Pasciuti and Isaac Jilbert’s article on the roots of the Baltimore unrest

Dr. Dan Pasciuti

The Arrighi Center’s Dan Pasciuti and Isaac Jilbert published an important piece on the political-economic roots of the recent unrest in Baltimore in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death. Their article, The Building Blocks of Deprivation, asks us to look at “how redevelopment has affected [Baltimore] city, exacerbating longstanding social divides and creating new ones […]

March 19, 2015

Land, Labor and Environmental Rights and Struggles Seminars and Workshop


The Arrighi Center is sponsoring a workshop and seminars on  “Land, Labor and Environmental Rights and Struggles” on March 23-27 2015 at the Johns Hopkins University. The event series include three seminars and a one-day workshop. For the full schedule please visit the  Land-Labor Seminars page under Events.