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The Arrighi Center Panel at the American Sociological Association Miniconference

The Arrighi Center organized a panel at a mini-conference of the American Sociological Association on August 9, 2013. The panel, entitled “The Arrighi Center for Global Studies: Power, Social Justice and the Origins of Our Times”, brought together several generations of Giovanni Arrighi’s students as presenters, and was part of the launch activities for the […]

Professor Deborah Bräutigam Talk on “China in Africa: Think Again”

On February 19, 2013, The Arrighi Center sponsored a talk by Prof. Deborah Bräutigam entitled “China in Africa: Think Again”. Deborah Bräutigam is Professor of International Development and Comparative Politics and the Director of the International Development Program at the JHU School of Advanced International Studies. The talk was co-sponsored by the East Asian Studies […]

Professor Sam Moyo Talk on “The Land Question in Zimbabwe”

The Arrighi Center sponsored a talk on “The Land Question in Zimbabwe” by Professor Sam Moyo, Director of the African Institute for Agrarian Studies in Harare on October 22, 2012. The talk was cosponsored by the Center for Africana Studies. Prof. Moyo joined students and faculty for a more in-depth session on October 23, 2012. […]