For Incoming Freshmen

Global Social Change and Development Program
(International Studies-Sociology Double Major)

Global Social Change and Development (GSCD) is geared towards students interested in understanding critical issues surrounding contemporary processes of globalization, including global inequality and development, migration and land, labor environmental rights and struggles. Ultimately, students pursuing the Global Social Change and Development program will receive a double major in both International Studies and Sociology.

GSCD allows students to pursue a focused course of study while still benefiting from the interdisciplinary education provided by the International Studies major, which draws on the strengths of the Johns Hopkins University faculty in diverse fields including Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, Foreign Languages and Anthropology. The program provides students with a sophisticated set of research and critical-thinking skills, prepares students for twenty-first century professions and helps them to become thoughtful global citizens.

Sample Fall 2015 First Semester (Choose any 5 courses):

  • AS.230.221 Global Social Change and/or AS.230.265 Research Tools and Technologies
    (Note: AS230.265 also counts as Q for students pursuing GSCD)
  • AS.230.101 Introduction to Sociology
  • AS.180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics
  • Foreign Language
  • AS.100 Introductory History course or AS.190.209 Contemporary International Politics or Elective: choose something that tickles your fancy


1st Fall 1st Spring 2nd Fall 2nd Spring 3rd Fall 3rd Spring 4th Fall 4th Spring
Language Language Language Language Study Abroad Language History/Historical Sociology History/Historical Sociology
Global Social Change Research Tools History/Historical Sociology Research Methods Study Abroad GSCD Practicum AP ***
Macroeconomics Microeconomics Comparative Politics/Comparative Sociology Social Theory Study Abroad Comparative Politics/Comparative Sociology International Economics/Economic Sociology or IS ***
History/Historical Sociology Issues in International Development Statistics History/Historical Sociology Study Abroad International Relations/Global Sociology *** ***
IS Gateway Course *** *** *** Study Abroad Advanced Research Advanced Research Advanced Research
  • *** are free spaces for distribution credits or additional electives
  • Assumes a 5 class per semester load, allows for flexibility
  • Advanced Research is optional but encouraged and may or may not be for credit
  • Study Abroad assumes the non-transference of credit, but this does not preclude the transference of credit