GSCD Dual Major Requirements

Program Requirements:
  • Foreign Language Requirements

    Proficiency in at least one foreign language. Proficiency may be demonstrated by completing two semesters (6 credits) of coursework beyond the intermediate level. Note that courses at the intermediate level may be used for distribution requirements. If you are already proficient in a foreign language, a proficiency test as well as two semesters (6 credits) of either a) an upper level class taught entirely in that language, or b) two semesters of a new foreign language will be required.

  • History/ Historical Sociology Requirements

    GSCD students must complete five semester courses (15 credits) in history or historical sociology. Two out of the five courses must be listed or cross-listed with the History Department. For approved “historical sociology” courses see GSCD course list.

  • Political Science/Political Sociology Requirements

    GSCD students must complete six semester courses (18 credits) in political science or political sociology. This includes:

    1. One of the following gateway courses:

    • Introduction to Sociology (230.101)
    • International Politics (190.213) 
    • Introduction to Comparative Politics (190.102 or 190.229)
    • Contemporary International Politics (190.209)

    (Note: The three remaining gateway courses may be taken to fulfill political science requirements, such as IR or CP. For example, a student who takes Contemporary International Politics as a gateway course may take International Politics to fulfill the IR requirement.)

    2. One course in international politics (IR) or global sociology. For approved “global sociology” courses see GSCD course list.

    3. Two courses in comparative politics (CP) or comparative sociology. For approved “comparative sociology” courses see GSCD course list.

    4. One course in American politics (AP) or sociology of the United States. For approved “sociology of the United States” courses see GSCD course list.

    5. Social Theory (230.313) to fulfill the Political Theory (PT) requirement

    (Note: Courses with more than one subfield designation [e.g. as both IR and CP] may not be double counted to fulfill both requirements.)

  • Economics/Economic Sociology Requirements

    GSCD students must complete four courses (12 credits) in economics or economic sociology, including:

    • Elements of Macroeconomics (180.101)
    • Elements of Microeconomics (180.102)

    Two additional courses dealing with international economics or economic sociology. For approved “economic sociology” courses see GSCD course list.

  • Area of Concentration: Research in Global Social Change and Development

    GSCD students must take the following four research-oriented courses:

    • Research Methods (230.202)
    • Introduction to Social Statistics (230.205)
    • Research Tools and Technologies for the Social Sciences (230.265)
    • Global Social Change and Development Research Practicum (230.325)

    (Note: These four courses also fulfill the IS concentration requirement.)

  • Other Double Major Requirements

    Students pursuing the GSCD program must receive a C or better in all courses counted for the double major in International Studies and Sociology.

    A total of eleven courses must be taken in the Sociology Department (i.e., courses with a 230 department designation).