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David S. Olton Program in Behavioral Biology


Departmental Honors

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Departmental Honors

For students conferring in December 2014 or May 2015, 
Deadlines to submit ALL required paperwork to Hope Fisher
(, are Friday, October 17th  (for Fall) and Friday, February 27th  (for Spring), no later than 4:00 PM. Please NOTE that if you have any questions or concerns you MUST schedule an appointment to see the Program Administrator PRIOR to the deadline. No last minute emergencies will be accommodated if a student waits until the very last moment.

Departmental honors are conferred upon graduating seniors who meet ALL three of the following criteria:
1.    Cumulative and major GPA of at least 3.5.
2.    Presentation of research findings in a poster session, research symposium, or scientific conference.
3.    Letter of recommendation from the research mentor attesting to the student’s significant contribution to the research process.

Students who meet the criteria will receive a special notation in the graduation program and on their transcripts.

Qualifying GPA

In order to qualify for departmental honors, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, as well as a GPA of at least 3.5 for all Behavioral Biology major requirements (i.e., all courses required for the major except those taken for distribution requirements) at the time of graduation.

Presentation of Research Findings

Students must submit proof of presentation of their research findings in the programs poster session or the undergraduate research symposium (URS). The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Society for Neuroscience, Nu Rho Psi (NRP), hosts at least two such events each year.

Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Poster Session
Undergraduate Research Symposium - Spring 2015
(Presentation dates will be announced in the weekly email to all majors.)

Poster Printing Resourses
Digital Media Center

Application for Honors

During the semester prior to graduation, students who meet the requirements for honors should email Hope Fisher ( , Academic Program Administrator, 434 Dunning Hall. Students will receive two emails: one from Academic Advising and one from the Behavioral Biology Office. The Academic Advising deadline is usually a month after the program deadline since the program administrator needs to verify that all honor applicants indeed meet the requirements, before submitting a final list with names to Academic Advising.

Please email Hope Fisher with the following:

  •         Behavioral Biology GPA Worksheet. Please calculate your GPA by hand for your core Behavioral Biology courses. Please contact Hope Fisher (  if you are having problems with this piece.
  • Proof of Presentation. Students should make an effort to obtain some proof of presentation upon completion of their chosen poster session or URS.
  • Copies should be submitted as honors materials will not be returned.

  • Letter of Recommendation. A student’s mentor must complete a letter of recommendation prior to the student’s submitting their packet, by email, to the Academic Program Administrator. The letter should be e-mailed directly Hope Fisher (

  • Honors Clearance Form. This is the official document used to confer honors. Upon verification of qualifications, this form will be signed by the Academic Program Administrator and submitted to the Office of Academic Advising.  The Program office will submit all clearance forms upon verification of the full application.
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