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A Day Late and a Euro Short

When we set out to build a stellar faculty in the arts and sciences, we look for many qualities: innovative thinking, influential ideas, and the capacity to communicate with students. We are fortunate, indeed, that another characteristic tends to come with this territory: the ability to analyze current events in real time and in the process, help all of us to understand where the world is headed.

For months now, all eyes have turned toward Europe and the economic/political complexities of the eurozone. The social upheaval that is accompanying the financial meltdown—the exodus of young people from Greece and Spain, street riots, and elections that reflect extreme polarization—is a reminder of how volatile the situation has become.

In a world that is so interconnected, our domestic markets are hardly left untouched by the financial difficulties besetting the European Union. In an effort to understand the situation, we convened a group of colleagues from the Center for Financial Economics and Political Science to discuss the origins of the crisis and the prospects for its resolution. We will return to them in the fall for an update in the Arts and Sciences magazine.

A little food for thought as we turn the corner of summer and begin to contemplate the beginning of another intense year in the Krieger School:

A Day Late and a Euro Short–A Roundtable Discussion [Full Article]


Katherine S. Newman
James B. Knapp Dean