Anthropology Professor Receives Distinguished Africanist Award

Jane Guyer

Jane Guyer, the George Armstrong Kelly Professor of Anthropology, has been given the prestigious Distinguished Africanist Award by the African Studies Association (ASA). The award is given to scholars who have a lifetime record of outstanding scholarship in their respective field of African studies and service to the Africanist community.

Dr. Guyer was given the award at the ASA’s annual conference, held at the end of November. ASA representatives described Dr. Guyer’s work as “superbly original, and its impact extends well beyond anthropology.” She was lauded for her ethnographic studies of economic life in West and Central Africa that illustrate the creativity and resilience of African men and women despite political and economic turmoil.

Dr. Guyer was also recognized for the interdisciplinary influence her research has had, and her commitment to institution building. She was described as “demonstrating an enduring commitment to helping and supporting successive generations of African and Africanist scholars.”