About China STEM

Innovations and breakthroughs occur every day in the Chinese-speaking world, in every discipline. Are we prepared to understand them?

Housed within the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, the Johns Hopkins-China STEM program started offering courses in summer 2012. Its key aim is to respond to the growing need to break language barriers between Chinese and American scientists and engineers. While classes in “Business Chinese” have become popular in the West, scholars and professionals engaged in technical fields such as engineering and health sciences have few opportunities to receive Chinese-language training tailored to their areas of expertise. Yet China is clearly emerging as global hub for scientific and technological innovation. Moreover, given ongoing internationalization of scientific research, the demand for technical experts who can communicate meaningfully with Chinese colleagues is growing every day.

Thus, with the support of the Henry Luce Foundation, Johns Hopkins has deepened its partnership with Nanjing University to create Johns Hopkins-China STEM. The eight-week intensive study program occurs each summer at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Johns Hopkins’ home away from home in China. Combining language training in small classes, research seminars, site visits to other institutions, and personal interactions with Chinese scholars and scientists, the program offers a customized opportunity to develop the advanced language proficiency required for success in high-tech disciplines.

Each summer, about 20 students are divided into two courses of study (health sciences and engineering) to experience this challenging, concentrated curriculum. Upon completion of Johns Hopkins-China STEM, students will have a unique foundation for pursuing an academic or professional career that incorporates scientific or technical expertise with high-level proficiency in one of the most widely-spoken and important languages in the world.

Johns Hopkins in China

Hopkins Nanjing Center

Thanks to long-standing and fruitful collaborations between Johns Hopkins and Nanjing University, Johns Hopkins students learning and researching in China enjoy distinct advantages:

  • Johns Hopkins and Nanjing University’s globally renowned strengths in the sciences, engineering, and medicine.
  • Widespread Chinese recognition of Johns Hopkins, Nanjing University, and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.
  • The reputation and prominence of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center among China specialists and educators in the West.
  • Johns Hopkins’ well-established networks throughout the People’s Republic of China.