The Goucher-Hopkins Cooperative Program in Russian along with the Russian minor and double-major will conclude at the end of AY 2017-2018. CLE will continue offering Russian language courses.

Russian Faculty

Second Major or Minor in Russian

The Goucher College-Johns Hopkins University Cooperative Program in Russian offers a full range of courses in Russian language, literature, and culture to be drawn upon for an area major in humanistic studies. All the literature courses are taught in Russian. Russian majors and minors are encouraged to enroll in a summer or semester-long immersion program in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vladimir through ACTR and CIEE.

The Russian minor is designed to give the student a command of both the written and spoken language and a deeper understanding of the cultural and literary development of the Russian people. It consists of six courses in Russian language, literature, and culture beyond the intermediate level. Hopkins students may double-major in Russian by selecting a primary major at Hopkins and taking nine courses in Russian language, literature, and culture. In cooperation with a member of the Goucher Russian department, the student develops a course of study that will complement his or her major field of interest.

377.131-132 Elements of Russian I and II
Designed to give the student a firm foundation in the language. Includes grammar, vocabulary, and composition with special stress on the development of reading ability and oral command of the language. The second half of the course continues the previous semester’s work with abundant oral and aural practices. 4 credits.

377.135 Intermediate Russian I (H)
Intensive oral work; continued emphasis on grammar and composition. Designed primarily for those who plan to continue the study of Russian. Prerequisite: 377.132. 4 credits.

377.201 Introduction to Russian Literature I (H)
An introduction to the important periods of Russian literature. Critical readings in works chosen from the 19th and 20th centuries. Prerequisite: 377.135. 3 credits.

377.209 Intermediate Russian II (H)
Readings in literary, business, scientific, and technical Russian, emphasizing problems in Russian-English and English-Russian translations. May be taken concurrently with Russian 231 at Goucher. Prerequisite: 377.135. 4 credits (Spring).

377.210 Conversation and Composition (H)
Discussions based on readings assigned in advance. Special attention is paid to the acquisition and active use of pertinent vocabulary. Prerequisite: 377.135. 3 credits.

377.237 The Russian Press (H)
Reading and discussion of topics drawn from the Russian press and contemporary literature. Designed to strengthen the student’s command of Russian vocabulary, especially in the areas of history, political science, and economics, while providing a deeper insight into the dynamics of everyday life in Russia today. Prerequisite: 377.209 or 377.210. 3 credits.

377.253 The Soul of Russia: Russian Culture and Civilization (H,W)
The evolution of Russian culture and civilization from the Mongol invasion to the present day conducted through a study of literary texts, architecture, art, music, film, and multimedia. Taught in English. 3 credits.

377.254 Russian Literature: Revolution and Purge (H)
Political, social, and ideological factors in the development of Russian literature. A study of leading Russian authors and the conflicts between artistic freedom and political conformity. Russian literature of the early 20th century. 3 credits.

377.259 Dimensions of the Russian Literary Mind: The Saint, the Madman, and the Dreamer
Survey of Russian literature from its beginning in the 12th century, with emphasis on the great works that exemplify the traits and characteristics of the Russian religious and literary mind. Readings from ancient and medieval epics, chronicles, and tales. The works of Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and others. 3 credits.

377.261 Advanced Grammar Through Readings
Application of essential topics in Russian grammar (verbs of motion, aspects, participles, cases) through a wide range of readings. A portion of this course will include translating. Multimedia will be used when appropriate.
Prerequisite: 377.209. 3 credits.

377.269 The Russian Fairy Tale
The course will introduce you to a critical analysis of the psychological, physiological, social, and aesthetic aspects of these tales. Students will encounter the effects of folk belief and fairy tales in literature, classical music and opera, ballet, art, and film. In a thorough examination of the structure of the different tale types, students will explore a variety of approaches to critically analyzing fairy tales including: psychoanalysis, sociology, structuralism, feminism, and Marxism. We will present the Russian tales against the Indo-European background of more familiar traditions of Perrault, Grimm, Anderson, and Disney. 3 credits.

377.270 Out of the Shadows: Women in Russia
This course explores the role of Russian women in the world by carefully examining the significance of their contributions. Diverse perspectives are explored (Russian and Russian National). Students examine and analyze texts written by and about women struggling with questions regarding patriarchal and male-based society. The fact that these women have remained hidden from Russia and the world at large will also be addressed, using feminist methodologies. This course provides students with the opportunity to pursue their own questions in dialogue. 3 credits.

377.280 Summer Russian Practicum
An integral component of the immersion at Mendeleyev University is the completion of a preparatory course consisting of readings in grammar and/or literature during the spring semester prior to the trip and a paper upon the student’s return. Students receive a total of 6 credits for the combined program. Prerequisite: Participation in the Dickinson Program. 2 credits.

377.312 Chekhov and the Short Story (H)
Chekhov’s short stories and plays studied against the social, political, and philosophical background of his time. 3 credits.

377.335 Technical Translation (H)
Advanced work in translating Russian into English in the sciences and social sciences. 3 credits.

377.351 Introduction to Russian Literature II (H)
Introduction to the prose of the three major writers of the second half of the 19th century: Turgenev, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky. Prerequisite: 377.135. 3 credits.

377.395-396 Seminar I and II (H)
Special topics in Russian literature. Prerequisite: 377.201. 3 credits.

377.500-505 Independent Study
Through arrangement with the instructor.