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John P. Toscano

Vice Dean for Natural Sciences

Wyman N615


John P. Toscano, vice dean for natural sciences, is a professor of chemistry in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Toscano serves as liaison with the chairs of the school’s natural science departments to ensure the highest quality undergraduate experience, particularly in introductory level courses, as well as to think through space planning and infrastructure needs and opportunities for interdisciplinary endeavors. He is an important partner to the science chairs and the dean in the recruitment of faculty and issues concerning tenure and promotion, and he represents the school and cultivates ties with other science-intensive divisions of the university, as well as with external institutions for scientific research. Moreover, Dr. Toscano works with the university’s technology transfer office and maintains responsibility for research reporting and compliance issues.

A highly accomplished scientist, Dr. Toscano’s main interests are currently focused on the study of the fundamental chemistry and biochemistry of nitroxyl (HNO). HNO has been shown to have biological activity distinct from that of its redox cousin, nitric oxide (NO), but many mechanistic questions remain. Recent interest in HNO has been catalyzed by research suggesting that it may be a novel therapeutic for the treatment of heart failure.

Dr. Toscano received his baccalaureate degree in chemistry from Princeton University and his doctoral degree in organic chemistry from Yale University. After completing a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellowship in organic chemistry at Ohio State University, he joined the Johns Hopkins University Department of Chemistry in 1995 as an assistant professor. He became a full professor in 2003, vice-chair of the department in 2004, and served as chair from 2005 to 2011 and again from 2013 to 2014.