Brendan Stevens

Year: 2012   
Affiliations: Classics, Philosophy 

Senior Capstone Award, The James W. Poultney Undergraduate Research Award in Classics
Brady Stevens

Project Description

The topic I am investigating is the evolution of the concept of Justice in Greek Thought from the 5th through the 4th centuries BCE. The first discussions of Justice begin in Tragedy. However, the models which were created appear to propound a quite incoherent notion of Justice—as showcased in The Eumenides. Further, the concept of Justice was mostly an afterthought for many pre-Socratic thinkers. Following the death of Socrates, Plato creates the most robust notion of Justice in Greek thought. Correspondingly, I am investigating the link between Plato’s notion of Justice with earlier thinkers’; as well as previous cultural conceptions of Justice, and how these previous models affected his own.