Brittany Leung

Year: 2012   
Affiliations: Anthropology 

Senior Capstone Award, The Michel Rolph Trouillot Undergraduate Research Award in Anthropology

Project Description

Capturing fashion street style through photography has become such an increasingly popular activity in urban cities such as London, Milan, New York, and Paris that only recently have people started to question street style‚Äôs role and function when in the face of the camera. Street style began “hailed as a democratized platform where anyone with an original look, regardless of age, weight, or income, could be celebrated for dressing themselves with creativity and panache. It was grassroots fashion, devoid of perfectly coiffed models, brand status, and editorial contrivances,” writes Charlotte Cowles, fashion senior editor of New York Magazine. Now, street style has become so widespread in that the “everyday people” are not the only ones captured, but also many people who are already known within the fashion world. My study ultimately seeks to realize what it means for everyone involved in street style culture to make themselves public, how their perceptions influence the way photography is labeled authentic or not, and why authenticity is important in this case.