Ju Myung Kim

Year: 2013   
Affiliations: Biology, Physics and Astronomy 

Senior Capstone Award, The Saul Roseman Undergraduate Research Award in Physics

Project Description

The structure-function paradigm i.e. that a protein must be in a unique conformation for function, has been challenged by the realized that a vast number of proteins are untrusted yet retain function. Interestingly, these intrinsically disorder proteins (IDPs) have hyper-abundance in cell-signaling pathways and transcription factors, where dysregulation can lead to many diseases including cancer. Therefore, developing techniques to determine the structure(s) of IDPs is of critical importance to improve medical therapeutic development. My project focuses on developing a novel technique to fold IDPs and probe for their structure using chemical cross-linking. Combining the rich information gathered from these experiments should provide us with information to predict the active conformation of IDPs and probe for dynamics of these structures. Insights gleaned from these studies have broad impacts for transcription factors involved in cancer.