Marie Nicole Coscolluela

Year: 2012   
Affiliations: Classics, History of Art 

Senior Capstone Award, The David M. Robinson Undergraduate Research Award in Classics

Project Description

Knowledge about the Etruscans is often limited to their funerary practices and what foreign writers throught of them. However, the Etruscans are not merely the precursors to the Romans. They had their own fascinating culture, language, and customs. The study will concentrate on the concept of Etruscan childhood. Based on mortuary data, Etruscan cemetaries primarily include individuals aged 5.6 years onward. Where are the infants and children younger than this? The presence of seperate infant cemeteries infers that the Etruscans had particular ideas on childhood and age. I will examine why the Etruscans felt the inclination to make this separation. Through a study of visual and textual representations of children and young adults, I hope to analyze the dichotomy between the biological and cultural definitions of “child” and “adult” and, in short, bring to light what is was like to be a child from the 11th to 4th centuries.

Final Research Paper