Rebecca Krishnan-Ayer

Year: 2012   
Affiliations: German and Romance Languages, History of Art 

Senior Capstone Award, The Bianca Theisen Undergraduate Research Award in German and Romance Languages

Project Description

I am researching the intersection of literature and art as it relates to the 19th-century French Realist movement through a close investigation of critical and theoretical writings by Jules Francois Felix Fleury-Husson (pseudonym Champfleury) and Gustave Courbet, a French Realist painter, contemporary, and one-time companion of Champfleury. I will concentrate on the salient affinities and divergences between the Realist agendas of Champfleury and Courbet, but will discuss them within the context of other key individuals who frequented the Brasserie Andler. My research will specifically hinge on an analysis of two discursive “manifestos” by Champfleury and Courbet, the echoes of which proved paramount in the evolving character and subsequent trajectory of the Realist doctrine. How did these unusual manifestos inform the artistic process and culturally accepted practice of viewing Realist art? How did the notion of the politically charged manifesto migrate to the experience of viewing art?