Swati Goel

Year: 2012   
Affiliations: Sociology 

Faculty Research Assistantship, The Giovanni Arrighi Undergraduate Research Award in Sociology

Project Description

This project aims to explore the causes and consequences of the large-scale migration of nurses from the Indian state of Kerela to the countries in the Middle East. How such significant scale of migration of Keralite nurses to the Gulf as part of a global nursing chain has impacted the competent health care delivery¬†within¬†Kerela is a strikingly under-studied question of substantian importance for the state. However, the magnitude of remittances from migrants does indeed make migration lucrative for the state. In this context, I aim to further investigate the relative costs and benefits associated with this migration of nurses from Kerela to the Gulf. Through this project, I aim to complement my academic interests in understanding how sociological factors such as migration are intertwined with health and health care delivery, as well as contribute to Professor Agarwala’s larger project focusing on the socio-economic and development impact of migration on the state of Kerela.