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Full-time Faculty

Program Director
Erin Chung (Ph.D, Northwestern) studies the politics of East Asia, with particular interests in citizenship, immigration, and civil society in Japan and South Korea.
Phone: (410) 516-4496
Office: Mergenthaler 365

Joel Andreas (Ph.D, UCLA) is a sociologist studying social change in China since 1949, focusing on the institutional foundations of social inequality.
Phone: (410) 516-7325
Office: Mergenthaler 554

Rebecca M. Brown (Ph.D, University of Minnesota) focuses on questions of politics and modernity in the visual culture of South Asia from the 18th century to the present; her teaching includes the art of East, Southeast, and South Asia since antiquity.
Phone: (410) 516-0345
Office: Gilman 182

Yulia Frumer (Ph.D, Princeton Univ.) is a historian of science in East Asia, specifically Japan. Her focus is on the role of artifacts, and especially instruments, in the process of conceptualization of the surrounding world.
Phone: (609) 423-5201
Office: Gilman 380

Marta Hanson (Ph.D, UPenn) is an historian of medicine in late imperial China who works on the history of disease, epidemics, regionalism, gender, publishing, and the interaction between elite and vernacular knowledge of Chinese medicine.
Phone: (410) 955-4879
Welch Library, 3rd floor
Lingxin Hao (Ph.D, Univ. of Chicago) is a sociologist studying rural-to-urban migration and its impact on social inequality in China.
Phone: (410) 516-4022
Office: Mergenthaler 509
Ho-Fung Hung (Ph.D, Johns Hopkins Univ.) studies capitalist development, state formation, and protest in China and Asia at large from global and long-term historical perspectives.
Phone: (410) 516-7051
Office: Mergenthaler 541
Tobie Meyer-Fong (Ph.D, Stanford) studies the history of late imperial and modern China, with particular focus on issues of conflict, commemoration, and literary culture.
Office: Gilman 330C
William T. Rowe (Ph.D, Columbia) is an historian of late imperial and modern China, with interests in urban and rural social organization, violence, and the history of Chinese political thought.
Telephone:  (410) 516-7580
Office: Gilman 324
Kellee S. Tsai (Ph.D, Columbia) is a political scientist who specializes in the domestic politics of contemporary China, with interests in the political economy of development, finance, and informal institutions.
Telephone: (410) 516-7972

Office: Mergenthaler 337