Welcome to the Expository Writing Program!

Expository Writing is the Johns Hopkins undergraduate program in academic writing. Expos courses introduce students to the fundamental principles of academic argument shared by all the disciplines, and all courses guide students’ practice as they learn to embody those principles in their writing.

Classes are small, no more than 15 students, and operate as student-centered seminars based on discussions of readings and workshops of student writing. Students read or write for nearly every class, and instructors respond in writing or in person to all writing assignments. This ongoing dialogue about students’ writing includes one-to-one tutorials with the instructor to discuss students’ drafts and provide guidance for revision. Thus a student’s own writing becomes a central text in every Expos course. In addition, each course teaches students how to cite and document sources.

Finally, all courses in Expository Writing help fulfill the university writing requirement.  

For more information about the writing-intensive (W) requirement, please click on “Writing Requirement” in the site menu to the left. Current course descriptions are listed under “Courses.”

I hope you’ll explore our site, and I’ll see you in Gilman!

Patricia Kain