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I'm a bi-coastally produced playwright and screenwriter. My full-length play Feedback is currently being performed at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles. And, I'm working as a Communications Writer at Avon Products.

Besides being generally inspired by my FMS classes at Hopkins, I learned critical skills that translated to every discipline. Our professors showed us how films touch on every aspect of the human experience, why certain films have such cultural relevance, how they inform how we live. In particular, I loved learning why and how films made me feel a certain way. We became attuned to how cinema was working on us, without losing the pure joy of watching a good movie. Our professors were passionate and that passion translated to us. I loved my production classes because they were really tailored to my vision and goals, and no one tried to push me to make commercial films. I also felt a part of an artistic community. Some professors let us in on the work they were doing as artists and that was amazing and special--to be treated as equals with valuable insight. Also, feeling a part of their lives as people. I will always remember having dinner with John Mann and his family.

Especially at a school that has a reputation for being so science and numbers oriented, I was blown away by how strong the program was. FMS takes film seriously, and at the same time, the classes didn't suck the life out of films by overly-intellectualizing them. In fact, they did the opposite. I graduated feeling invigorated by the professional world I was entering into.

- Jane Miller, Class of 2004, playwright and screenwriter