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For my first two years as a blue jay, I was a Writing Seminars major. I loved my classes, my professors, and the fact that I could escape into new, dramatic, interesting worlds simply with my words – and get academic credit for it! Even with all those “perfect” elements though, something was definitely missing.

So, in my junior year, I finally took the plunge – with only a few screenwriting courses under my belt, I added the Film and Media Studies major to my list of goals for my undergrad career. And that is when my experience at Hopkins came alive. To have ideas floating around in my head, then actually have the tools to produce those images for real so others could explore them with me – that was incredible. Almost immediately I looked at storytelling in a different, more complex, more personal way, all because of the new techniques and perspectives I learned in my film classes. Considering my raw passion for writing and entertainment, Writing Seminars/Film and Media Studies was the perfect pair for me to get the most out of my college experience. I still can’t believe how much I learned – and how much I grew – in just four years.

I credit the FMS program for helping me merge my interests into one fulfilling, creative college experience that continues to help me even today. After college, I moved to New York City and currently work in television. In the past year I’ve gone from being an executive assistant to working with writers and researchers, learning so much along the way from people who have “made it” and, thankfully, have not lost their sense of creative adventure in the process. Being present in the control room and on set during taping, plus working alongside the writers and learning what it means to write for a viewing audience? It’s finally the perfect mix of everything I love – and FMS at Hopkins helped me realize that these two passions really can go hand-in-hand.

- Lauren Carney, Class of 2011