Laura Mason

Senior Lecturer, Film and Media Studies and History
Phone: (410) 516-5048

Laura Mason’s work in film and media is informed by her training as a cultural historian, and her film courses have approached film history in two ways: in courses such as Postwar Paris on Film, students learn how to use fiction films as primary sources for the period during which they were made, using movies to consider how directors and their audiences confronted such issues as urbanization, war and revolution, gender, race, and immigration in modern Europe, and France in particular.  In courses such as The French Revolution on Film, students critically examine how movies represent the pre-cinematic past and, in doing so, broaden their sense of what history is and who may produce it. Laura has published on Biography and Film in Rethinking History, and her essay on Marie Antoinette in Film is collected in Routledge’s anthology, Marie Antoinette: Writing on the Body of the Queen.   Her film reviews have been published in the American Historical Review, and she has delivered papers and lectured widely on a range of topics on French film, including recent French films and filmmakers such as Claire Denis, Olivier Assayas, and Arnaud Deplechin. She was an active member of the film community in Athens, Georgia and still serves on the board of the Athens Film Arts Institute.