Internship Experience

Malcolm Douglas, Class of 2014
Wide Angle Youth Media, Baltimore
Summer 2013-Summer 2014

I began interning with Wide Angle Youth Media in the summer of 2013. I joined the organization through the Center of Social Concern as a Community Impact Intern, where I worked full time for eight weeks. It was an incredible experience.

I was a production assistant and helped facilitate the high school class. We had two big fee-for-service projects with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Green Street Academy. My job was to create complete film treatments, meet with the groups, and work with the high school students to plan the projects start to finish. Both projects were a grand success and I decided to stay and continue my internship throughout the year. I then became the assistant high school instructor for the Mentoring Video Project. Two days a week I volunteered at the office and instructed the high school class. Together we produced videos on many different topics and social issues, such as youth homelessness in Baltimore and the lack of funding for summer and after school programs. I will continue to work at Wide Angle during the summer of 2014.

My experience at Wide Angle has been life changing for me. I've learned valuable production skills. I've improved on my photography, videography, directing, acting, and writing skills through this internship. I've learned how to use new equipment, work with a team, and I've worked on professional sets doing professional work.

And most importantly, I've learned how to be a teacher and work with the youth. I've developed a special bond with all of the students that I've worked with. Our relationship has become so strong that they feel comfortable coming to me for college advice, schoolwork help, and advice with personal problems.  It is because of this experience that I was accepted into an Americorps program in Boston where I will continue to teach. I am very grateful for my experience at Wide Angle and I'm very excited to continue to intern with them throughout the summer.