Internship Experiences

Jordan Scharf, Class of 2016
Atlas Media Corp, New York
Summer 2013

Atlas Media Corp, based in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, acts as a production company for numerous fiction-based television shows and film documentaries. I was lucky enough to intern with them this summer, providing me with a greater understanding of how the development, production, and distribution of everyday t.v. shows work. During my time at Atlas Media Corp, my responsibilities varied from cataloguing and describing each shot of stock footage to previewing new episodes of the company’s shows. One of the most invaluable experiences this summer has been working one-on-one with producers and actors in the office’s green screen room, showing me first hand how a television show is made. While yes, I was often sent out on food runs for people, I also helped the producers keep track of the takes, controlled the teleprompter as the actors read, and even contributed my own changes and adjustments to the scripts. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience and taught me indispensable tips for working in the film and media industry.

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