What are the Laboratory and Equipment Fees?

The department charges non-refundable laboratory/equipment, projection, and insurance fees each semester, to all students taking production course and/or courses that require a projectionist. Students from other departments and schools are also assessed the fees when registered for relevant courses. These fees must be paid either by check or by adding it to a student account and are subject to yearly increase.

In addition, all students who are engaged in film, video, or sound production are required to complete appropriate legal forms prior to each production; the general effect of the forms is to release the University and the owner or operator of the off-campus site from liability for injuries suffered by the students during or as a result of production activity.

Can I check out FMS equipment for my student projects?

Yes. You should contact the current teaching assistant(s) for the production courses to sign out any equipment.

How can I make sure that I get into a class I need for my FMS major?

Film and media studies majors and minors are encouraged to attend pre-registration to secure seats in classes that are needed to complete requirements. Before registration opens to the general population of JHU students, we hold pre-registration for FMS courses only to give students the opportunity to register for courses within their major/minor. Pre-registration takes place during the week prior to open registration each semester.

Will FMS faculty members write a recommendation letter for me?

If you need to ask a faculty member for a letter of recommendation, please contact him or her a minimum of 10 days prior to the due date. Any faculty member receiving a request for a recommendation that is due more quickly may decline the request.

Independent Study

What is an independent study?

An independent study is when you pursue a topic of special interest that is not covered in regular course offerings. You must initiate the process. The content and expectations are formalized in negotiations between you and the faculty sponsor. The credits assigned to an independent study cannot contain an internship component, although it is acknowledged that an internship experience may inform the academic product(s) of an independent study.

How can I find a faculty sponsor?

Film and media studies majors that are interested in pursuing an independent study should speak with Linda DeLibero.

Can I do an independent study in the summer?

Yes. Regular summer session registration deadlines must be followed.

How will study abroad impact my film major?

Students who are considering study abroad should attempt to schedule their time away from campus for either a summer, the spring of sophomore year, or the fall of junior year. For suggested study abroad programs, please schedule a meeting with Linda DeLibero.