The Bander Family Fund for Independent Projects Application

Application Deadline: February 26th 2016 by 11:59pm

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Personal Information
Please use four digits, i.e. 2015
Project Information
Do not exceed 100 words
IRB Responsibilities

Please note that if your project involves human subjects, you will not be able to begin your project until IRB approval or exemption has been submitted to Ami Cox.


Please upload a two- to three-page proposal of your intended research and why you feel qualified to pursue it. Your proposal should address the following:

  • The topic to be explored
  • Your qualifications for conducting the research
  • Your timeline for completion of the project
  • Expected outcome of the project (honors thesis, etc.)
  • An itemized budget

Other Application Materials

Please upload your current resume.

Freshman should upload a copy of their uncovered grades from the first semester. Sophomores and Juniors should upload a copy of their unofficial transcript.