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The Futures Seminars were a series of discipline-specific colloquia, conducted by 33 departments, centers, programs, and areas of study within the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.  They took place over the course of three semesters, beginning in September 2010 and concluding in December 2011.  In each case, Johns Hopkins faculty and students were joined by invited colleagues from other institutions for a conversation about the future of the discipline: development and change in existing fields; identification of emerging fields; methodological innovations; possible interdisciplinary synergies; and the implications of all this for faculty research and for the training of students at all levels.

The Futures Seminars constituted the first step for each unit in a four-part strategic planning process.  Each Futures Seminar was followed by a white paper or self-study, in which the unit analyzed its view of its discipline and of its place in the fields it covers, and charting a path for future development.  This white paper was in turn followed by a formal external review, and each unit then produced a formal response to that review.  As a result of this process, every department, program, center, and area within the Krieger School developed a thoughtful plan for the future.  These plans will enhance the academic planning process in the dean's office, and will help identify important priorities for the upcoming capital campaign.

Under the "archive" link is a list of all Futures Seminars conducted, along with the program, speakers, and an audio recording of the presentations delivered at each event.

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