Financial Information

Under the terms of our exchange agreement with your home university, tuition fees are paid to your home institution. Johns Hopkins waives the Matriculation Fee for all exchange students. You will be responsible for remaining indirect expenses, such as food, books, supplies, travel expenses, and personal expenses.

As part of your application, you will be required to demonstrate sufficient funds for your semester or academic year. A Statement of Financial Resources [LINK TO PDF] must be completed before Hopkins can issue the DS-2019 for your J-1 visa.

While at Hopkins, you will have a student account at the University for billed expenses, such as meal plans, health insurance, and fees. All other indirect expenses will need to be paid with your personal funds. You may find it convenient to establish a bank account here for the duration of your stay at Hopkins. We will provide you with information on banking and funds during orientation.

Estimated Costs for the Academic Year 2013–14 at Johns Hopkins
Tuition Paid to your home institution
Matriculation Fee $0
Room and board $13,390 for a typical room and Anytime Dining/Dining Dollars meal plan
Books and supplies $1,200
Health insurance $1,634
Other personal expenses $2,500
Travel expenses $1,400–$2,400*
*Travel expenses vary depending on distance and frequency of travel.

In general, you will need to show funds in the amount of $2,020 per month.