Undergraduate Study Abroad

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Office of Study Abroad
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Hanne Fiore, Study Abroad Coordinator

Sharon Chesney, Study Abroad Adviser for UK and All Programs

Jessica Mervis, Study Abroad Adviser for Hopkins Programs and All Programs

Lori Citti, Director

More than 33% of Johns Hopkins undergraduates study abroad. Designed to foster creativity, discovery, and excellence in education, Hopkins programs abroad challenge the mind, both in the classroom and in your everyday experiences. Take some time to explore JHU’s many programs offered throughout the world. Be sure to take a look at our faculty-led summer and intersession programs abroad or one of our specialized semester programs for majors, like biochemistry at Oxford or international studies at Sciences Po.

There are three program options available for students to study abroad for a semester or academic year:

Johns Hopkins Departmental Programs

A number of academic departments sponsor study abroad programs that directly support major and minor requirements. Whenever possible, qualified students in these majors are encouraged to participate in departmental programs. Credit is approved and may be applied toward major and minor requirements in the sponsoring departments. Hopkins departmentally-sponsored programs vary in terms of the level of support that students receive while abroad. Those programs managed by Hopkins or a third-party provider offer the highest level of support. Exchange programs are well suited to more independent students who prefer a greater level of autonomy while abroad.

Direct Enrollment in a University Abroad

Hopkins students may transfer credit from major colleges and universities throughout the world. Students apply as visiting, non-degree students directly in the host university and take regularly scheduled classes with national and international students. Major/minor credits must be pre-approved by the DUS prior to participation.

Students may enroll in colleges and universities abroad by submitting applications to the host university’s international student/study abroad office or by applying through a third-party provider.  Third-party providers offer additional support services, including assistance with applications, registration, and onsite support. Students interested in direct enrollment programs must meet language proficiency requirements as established by the host university or provider.

Vetted Programs

The Office of Study Abroad and the Faculty Advisory Committee have vetted specialized programs that offer courses in specific areas, disciplines, or locations where direct enrollment may not be feasible. Sponsored by third-party providers, these specialized programs provide study abroad opportunities for language acquisition, field experience, research opportunities, and disciplinary courses often in less common locations. Students must have major/minor credits pre-approved by the DUS prior to participation.