International Partnerships

IAEGHSBE is linked to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy one of the leading business schools in Europe. The primary activity of the IAEGHSBE-Bocconi program is to hold a high-level research conference every two years and publish the results in a Cambridge University Press series edited by Prof. Galambos and Prof. Franco Amatori of Bocconi University. The most recent book in the IAEGHSBE-Bocconi research conference series is The Global Chemical Industry in the Age of the Petrochemical Revolution (2007). Currently, the manuscript for The Third Industrial Revolution in Global Business is at the press.

IAEGHSBE has recently established similar international links with the Free University of Tbilisi in Tbilisi, Georgia; the Center for International Monetary Research at Renmin University in Beijing, China; and the Istanbul Kültür University in Istanbul, Turkey.