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Research Awards and Grants

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Adelberg Awards | Tucker Award | Brown Family Travel Fund

There are a variety of funding opportunities for undergraduates wishing to pursue original research within the broad field of International Studies. Below are the existing opportunities that are available.

The Frank and Alice Adelberg Summer Research Awards

The International Studies Program presents the Frank and Alice Adelberg Summer Research Awards in human rights, humanitarianism, and conflict resolution. This student research program is supported by the generosity of the Frank and Alice Adelberg Charitable Estate, Stephen M. Harnik, P’14, Executor.

The Adelberg Awards will grant $5,000 per awardee for up to six (6) sophomore or junior students in good academic standing who have an interest in all or any dimensions of human rights and conflict resolution around the world.

Applications must include:

  • A research plan approved by a faculty sponsor
  • A letter of reference from the faculty sponsor
  • A three-page research proposal
  • An unofficial transcript, and
  • A resume.

The research plan should indicate which issues the student would like to research as well as a demonstrated knowledge of those issues.

The application deadline for Summer 2015, which has not yet been set, is typically in early April. Applications must be emailed to Sydney Van Morgan (

After applications are reviewed, finalists will be invited to an interview in mid-April.

Applicants should note that, for travel to countries placed on the State Department travel warning list, funding will be contingent upon the successful completion of a Johns Hopkins University review process.

Award winners will culminate their project with a presentation of their research and results in the Spring semester.

2013 Winners

Aryel Abramovitz: “Exploring Indigenous Australians' Rights to Water Management Practices”

Hilary Matfess: Watu wa Kuja: The Hotel Industry, Resource Allocation, and Concepts of Citizenship in Modern Dar es Salaam, Tanzania”

Ryan Bickley and Michael St. Germain: Joint project on “Imperialism or Empowerment? Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa”

Kaetan Vyas: "Immigration and Equity of Argentina's Right to Health"

2012 Winners

Hannah Elson: The Education System and Identity Formation of Young Arabs in Israel

Liz Gomez: The Significance of Religion in a War-ridden Country:Rwanda

Yoona Hong: Maasai Youth Mobility and Education: Saikeri Case Study (Kenya)

Jacob Wildfire: An Analysis of Human/Environmental Rights in India: Effects of Mumbai Dams

Ari Schaffer: The Kaifeng Jews Quandary: Unrecogonized Religious Minorities in China

2011 Winners

Anna Zetkulic ( Housing Rights as Human Rights: A Study of the Inner Politics of Buenos Aires' Barrios

Sarah Salovaara ( Stolen Generations of Australia

Ross Gruber ( New Police Roles in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

The Robert Tucker Award

The Tucker Award is given to the best International Studies Thesis in a given year. The winners of the past decade are:

2012Chris MirasolaResolving Grievances in Rural China: A local analysis of changing perspectives on and processes for addressing issues in the countryside
2011Claire CraveroThe Crisis of the republican Nomad: The Tziganes in Contemporary France
2010Jake MethEvolution through Revolution: The Story of Religious Nationalism's Expropriation of the Revolutionary Zionist Tradition
2009Michael GoodwinA Path to Nationhood? The Valesco State, Sendero Luminosos, and the Construction of the Peruvian Political Imaginary

Jamen Tyler

Muslim Problem or Problem with Muslims? Perception and the Integration of Muslim Immigrants in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands

Sunyoung Park

The "Rational Brinkmanship" of North Korea: A Possible Overture to the Resolutions of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Maytal Saltiel

A Child's Return: The Social Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Mozambique

2006Sam Seunghyo Baek"Toward the Democratization of North Korea: The Politics of Refugees"
Michelle Browne"Breaking the Cycle of Child Soldiers: An Analysis of How Sierra Leone Intends to Destroy the Cradles that Raised Child Soldiers"
2005Brooke Neuman"Splitting the Difference: An Assessment of Partition as a Solution to Conflict
2004Rebecca Nelson"The Art of Political Economy: Credit Rating Agencies and State Sovereignty"
2003Nicole Nucelli"A Europe of Patries or Nations? Ethnonationalism, France, Europe"
Suman Sureshababu"Micro-finance in Africa: A Question of Sustainability"
2002Louisa McClintock"The Legacies of Collaboration: The Presence of the Past in Modern-Day Germany and France"
2001Jessica Shapiro"Politics of Humanitarianism"
Josephine Valencia"Spiritual Forces: Religious Pluralism in West Africa"
2000Pia Sha"Journey Over a Night: Transglobal Rave Culture at the Turn of the Millennium"
Shelley Fairweather"Food, Fun, and Foreign Affairs: The International Relations of American Popular Culture in Europe"


 Brown Family Travel Fund

The Brown Family Travel Fund is an endowment supported by the generosity of the H.L. and Elizabeth M. Brown Foundation.

The Fund is geared towards rising or current seniors in the International Studies Program and funding for travel-related expenses is awarded based on submitted proposals for projects (research projects, international conferences, etc.) that students wish to complete during their senior year or the summer preceding it.

The amount of the stipend is limited and will be determined based on the available funds and number of selected students. The stipend may be used by selected students to partially support the reasonable cost of transportation and to partially support reasonable lodging expenses in the foreign country.

Should you wish to submit a proposal for funding by the Brown Family Travel Fund, please send a 1-page summary of your proposed project, an unofficial copy of your transcript, and a proposed budget to Sydney Van Morgan ( by the appropriate deadline:

November 30: Intersession/Spring Projects

May 31: Summer/Fall Projects


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