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The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Program in Jewish Studies

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The Leonard and
Helen R. Stulman
Program in Jewish Studies

The Johns Hopkins University
338 Mergenthaler Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone (410) 516-7515
Fax (410) 516-5515


News and Events




The Isaac and Leah M. Potts Memorial Lecture


Jonathan Garb
Gershom Scholem Professor of Kabbalah
Department of Jewish Thought
Hebrew University

May 7, 2014

Eighteenth Century Kabbalistic Cosmology

5 PM

The Smolker Center

Previous events:

K. E. Fleming
Alexander S. Onassis Professor of Hellenic Culture and Civilization
Professor of History New York University
October 4, 2013
Noon to 1:30
Big Histories, Small States:
Greece, Israel, and the Limits of the Nation


9th Lavy Colloquium

November 18 and 19 2013

The Hacham Tzvi, Rabbi Yaacov Emden, and Their Worlds: The Story of Early Modern Rabbinics

The Hacham Tzvi (1656-1718) and his son, Rabbi Yaacov Emden (1697-1776), were two of the most prominent rabbinic figures in the early modern period. Both engaged in some of the most heated polemics of their times, and both left a literary heritage that would become part and parcel of the rabbinic canon. The worlds of these two Rabbis will the subject of the 9thLavy Colloquium in Jewish Studies. In this two-day conference we will attempt to tell the story of early modern rabbinics from the mid seventeenth century till the Haskalah, focusing on these two figures, their friends and foes, travels, dreams, and confessions.

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Daniel R. Schwartz
Department of Jewish History
Hebrew University
November 22, 2013
Noon to 1:30
"From a Superfluous Comma to Feuding Medievalists, a Desperate Postdoc, and the Origins of Modern German Antisemitism"

Spring 2014

Ari Shavit
The Israel Institute
February 5, 2014
Topic: TBD

Joshua Shanes
Assistant Professor
College of Charleston

March 4, 2014



The Bloody Election in Drohobycz:

Violence, Urban Politics and Jewishness in an

Imperial Borderland

The Smokler Center for Jewish Life

3109 N. Charles Street


Professor Hannan Hever

Yale University

Crane Foundation Lecture
Zionist Literature: The Impossibility of the Rethoric of Partition

April 4, 2014


Professor Eli Hirsch

Brandeis University

Crane Foundation Lecture

"Talmudic Destiny"

April 28, 2014


Gilman 288


Professor Jorge Schwartz

Sao Paulo University

April 21, 2014

Topic: Photography of the Argentine artist Malena Schwartz


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