Distributed Graduate Aid (DGA)

Distributed Graduate Aid (DGA) is a module within web-based ISIS that allows department administrators to enter graduate aid packages that have been awarded to the students in their department, including support for tuition and mandatory fees (health insurance fee or matriculation fee, for example) and salary or stipend amounts.  Aid is entered on a semester-by-semester basis and must be updated if any changes are made during the course of the semester or academic year.  Support for tuition and mandatory fees will credit directly to the students' accounts; salary and stipend support must be recorded in DGA for reporting purposes, but the DGA system will NOT disburse semi-monthly payments to the students.  Salaries and stipends must be entered in SAP via an appropriate ISR transaction in order to be disbursed to the students.

Aid can be uploaded in batches via an Excel spreadsheet (the template for which is available in the DGA system itself) or it can be entered on an individual student-by-student basis.