Apply Yourself & Graduate Admissions Tracking System

ApplyYourself is the online application system that applicants use to apply to the KSAS and WSE full-time graduate programs. Each department can only view those applicants relevant to their program(s). For administrative purposes, ApplyYourself is where administrators can view the data side of the application process. ApplyYourself (AY) allows for the tracking of materials when they are received by the Office of Graduate Admissions and administrators are able to make status updates to an application during the review process with their department’s admissions committee. Administrators use AY to begin the enrollment process for any accepted and matriculating student.

Client ID: jhu-grad
Password: If you do not know your password, or need an account created, please contact Rajen Shrestha.

Basic uses of AY for admissions:

  • Searching for Applicants
  • General Applicant Processing/Updating
  • Creating/Running Queries
  • Creating/Running Exports (Excel)
  • Sending (Mass or Individual) Emails to applicants (templates or ad hoc)
  • Tracking the Receipt of Materials as Logged by the Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions
  • Using AY For Physical Mail (mail merges, labels, etc)
  • Starting the Enrollment Process

For full instructions please visit
For training, please contact Rajen Shrestha.