SAP is the major integrated, interoperable software and hardware "system of systems" at the technical core of the Johns Hopkins SAP system. "SAP" is an abbreviated name for the SAP software and systems, and the company which produces and supports them. "SAP" is also the abbreviated name for "Johns Hopkins SAP," the integrated system of systems adopted, developed, and maintained by Johns Hopkins Enterprise, through the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) Support Organization.

Johns Hopkins SAP is an "ERP," "Enterprise Resource Planning" system, which holds and assimilates multiple financial, accounting, budget, Human Resources, Organizational, Grant Award, and other systems and information in a single inter-connected technical structure. Johns Hopkins SAP inter-relates and connects these areas of information, allowing real-time verification and updating between types information which affect -- and are affected by -- each other. Information from different areas can be viewed, processed, and reported as a whole for institutional, compliance, and legal purposes.

There is curiosity about the full name of the SAP company. SAP was founded as "Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung" ("System Analysis and Program Development") in 1972, and has since become "Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung" ("Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing") or "SAP AG".

--From SAP Term Definitions for End Users