Faculty Leave

Leaves of Absence

A faculty leave of absence usually falls into one of two main categories:

  • Professionally (usually a sabbatical)
  • FMLA (for those who qualify under the Family and Medical leave Act of 1993.)

Faculty Sabbatical Leave Policy

Requests for sabbatical leave for faculty are to be made by the departmental chair in writing to the Dean and are governed by the following policy:

  • A faculty member is entitled to request one semester of paid sabbatical leave (or two semesters of leave at half of academic base salary) after twelve consecutive semesters of full departmental responsibilities. A newly appointed Assistant Professor is entitled to one semester of paid leave after six semesters in rank with full responsibilities. After this initial leave, the faculty member will be subject to the normal leave schedule.
  • A faculty member may request unpaid leave outside of the normal schedule of leaves, but the Department Chair may grant such ad hoc leave only if doing so would not have an undue adverse impact on the department. Faculty should not solicit grants and fellowships to fund ad hoc unpaid leave without first obtaining the approval of the Department Chair. Normally, an unpaid leave will have no impact on the regular leave schedule (i.e., it will not reset the count of twelve semesters). However, whenever the School agrees to share the cost of a partially paid ad hoc leave, the normal leave schedule will be adjusted with that “top up” taken into consideration.
  • By accepting paid sabbatical leave, the faculty member incurs an obligation to return to the University for at least one full year after the sabbatical.
  • Replacing the teaching, advising and service duties of faculty who are on paid leave is the responsibility of the department. All leaves require the approval of the department chair and the dean. It may at times be necessary for the department chair to delay the granting of a leave so that necessary departmental activities may continue to be supported.

Parental Teaching Relief Policy

A faculty member who gives birth to, or whose spouse or domestic partner gives birth to, a newborn child, or who adopts a child, may request paid teaching relief from formal classroom duties for either the semester in which the birth or adoption occurs or the subsequent semester. Although the faculty member is relieved of classroom teaching, he or she will be expected to remain in residence and to continue departmental service and advising. A period of parental teaching relief will not affect the normal sabbatical leave schedule. Paid parental teaching relief may be combined with paid Maternal or Medical leave or unpaid parental leave to which a faculty member is entitled under the Family and Medical Leave Act



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