The finance section of KASPER is a guide to assist the user in completing (and understanding) a multitude of financial operations and processes.

Finance is a broad area.  As a stand-alone area, it is threaded into many parts of the administrator's job.  Additionally, finance is also an important element in other stand-alone areas, such as Human Resources, Procurement, Sponsored Projects, etc.

The goal of the Finance section is to direct the user to the principal areas that are finance-based, and within these areas, to provide information and relevant links to other enterprise websites.  You will also find links that are cross-references to other function areas.

KSAS Office of Finance and Administration

The KSAS Office of Finance and Administration is directed by the Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration.  This position reports directly to the Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.  The Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration is responsible for finance, budget, accounting, human resources, information technology, facilities, and associated business functions related to the support of ongoing operations in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Staff Contacts

Daniel Cronin
Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Wyman N645

Jerry Hicks
Associate Director for Finance
Wyman N606

John Kunz
Director for KSAS/WSE Human Resources
Wyman N650A

Aubrey Poysa
Academic Council Coordinator
Wyman S600D

Duncan McIlvaine
Facilities Project Manager
Wyman N633

Linda R. Nathan
Assistant Dean for Finance
Wyman N643

Fred Thomsen
Director for Information Technology
Wyman Park N707

Administrative Staff Contacts

Nancy Fleming
Budget Analyst
Wyman N610

Yvonne Moore-Jones
Administrative Coordinator for Dean Cronin and Dean Schilbach
Wyman N600B

June Miller
Financial Analyst
Wyman N608