The Office of International Students and Scholars Services (OISSS) assists both international students and academic departments during the admissions/enrollment process as well as throughout international students’ course of study at Hopkins.

Departments who admit international graduate students to be matriculating students in their graduate program are responsible for ensuring that each student’s admissions file contains the documentation required by OISSS.  OISSS, in turn, is responsible for issuing the appropriate visa certificate to incoming students.  OISSS will communicate directly with incoming students prior to their arrival in Baltimore regarding any issues or concerns about their visa.

The Graduate Admissions Office website is also a good resource for detailed information on the admissions and enrollment processes for international students.

Once an international student has arrived in your department, their first order of business is to visit OISSS, located in 358 Garland Hall. It is the responsibility of this office to aid the students in completing the check-in process and provide direction for acquiring a social security card if they do not already have one.

OISSS also presents an orientation program for new international students at the beginning of the academic year.  See the Orientation schedule posted on the Graduate Affairs website for specific information and each year’s schedule.

International graduate students who are receiving funds disbursed through the University must complete the I-9 process at Student Employment Services (SES).  Department administrators are not permitted to enter graduate students into SAP (via the ISR hiring student transaction) until the student has arrived in Baltimore and has completed the I-9 process at SES.  Students should be encouraged to go to the JHU Tax Office after completing the I-9 process to complete any applicable tax treaty paperwork.

International graduate students may or may not be subject to automatic withholdings on their earnings, depending upon where the students are physically located while earning said funds.  International students who are studying abroad, for example, are not subject to withholdings on fellowships earned while overseas.  Administrators with questions should contact the JHU Tax Office for more information.

International graduate students are not permitted to be paid as a student after they submit their dissertation to the Binding Office in the library.  The Student Employment Services website has detailed information on this policy and appropriate procedures for paying these individuals after they complete their academic requirements.

Studying in a foreign country can be both challenging and exciting. International students often experience a period of cultural adjustment when they first arrive to the United States and specifically Johns Hopkins University.The Graduate Affairs and Admissions Office in collaboration with various offices on the campus launched the International Graduate Student Bridge Program to better support this transition process for new international graduate students. The program, which offers a session each month during the academic year, offers programming on obtaining a driver's license and social security number to dealing with homesickness.