New Staff

The University's Human Resources Office has developed "on-boarding toolkits" for hiring managers to help smooth the transition to working at Hopkins.  The downloadable PDF can be found by clicking here.  Hiring Managers should also encourage their new employee(s) to review the Resources for New Employees information on the Human Resources website.

In addition to ensuring that new employees complete all of the University-wide requirements (completion of I-9 and tax forms, attending Orientation, etc.), hiring managers must be sure to allow time for the new employee to obtain a J-Card (in Garland Hall) and make parking arrangements, if applicable, at the Parking Office in the South Garage.  If appropriate, hiring managers will need to issue keys to the new employee per departmental policies regarding which space(s) the employee must have access to.  If your department has mailboxes for staff, hiring managers should ensure that the new employee as a mailbox assigned to him/her and they know to check it frequently.  If your department has standards for answering the telephone or using email, be sure to communicate these to your new employee.

Lastly, hiring managers should arrange to give the new employee a tour of the department or building where they will be working.  It may also be appropriate to introduce the new employee to colleagues who work in associated departments or programs.  If the employee is new to the Homewood Campus, they should also be given a map of the campus.

1.  Has the new employee completed the necessary I-9 and tax forms?
2.  Has the new employee obtained a J-Card at the J-Card Office in Garland Hall?
3.  Will the new employee need parking access?  If so, they must arrange for a permit at the Parking Office in the South Garage.
4.  Have keys been issued?
5.  Has the department mailbox been set up?
6.  Has the new employee had a tour of the department and/or building?  Have they been introduced to colleagues in the department or associated departments?
7.  Has the new employee been briefed on standards for answering the telephone or using email?
8.  Do they have a campus map?
9.  Have they been given a copy of their position description?

Welcome to KSAS!  New employees are encouraged to review the Resources for New Employees information on the Human Resources website in addition to familiarizing themselves with the information posted on the "Current Employees" section of that same site:  Time and Absence Management, On the Job, and Leaving JHU.

New employees should be sure to obtain a J-Card (the University's ID badge) at the J-Card office in Garland Hall.  If you drive to work and plan to utilize one of the University's parking lots, you will need to make arrangements for parking lot access at the Parking Office, which is located in the South Garage under Mason Hall.  Your hiring manager or supervisor should give you time to accomplish these tasks on your first day on the job.

If your position requires that you have keys to access the space(s) in which you will be working, you will need to obtain keys from your department's key coordinator.  Also, be sure that you check your departmental mailbox frequently, if one has been assigned to you.

Your job will likely require that you interact with colleagues within your own department as well as with faculty and staff in associated departments.  Be sure to get to know your way around the building where you will be working also be sure to introduce yourself to your new colleagues.  Your hiring manager should help you to identify colleagues (either within your department or in another department) who may share similar job duties and who could serve as a resource when you have questions.

Your department may have standards for how to answer the telephone or use email for communicating with members of the department.  Your hiring manager should brief you on these protocols. 

If you are new to the Homewood campus, there are downloadable campus maps as well as way-finding apps available for your mobile device.

1.  Have you completed the necessary I-9 and tax forms?
2.  Have you reviewed the information for new and current employees on the Human Resources website?
3.  Have you obtained your J-Card?
4.  If you drive to campus, have you arranged for parking access?
5.  Have you been issued keys?
6.  Have you located your department mailbox, if one has been assigned to you?
7.  Have you taken a tour of your department or building?  Have you been introduced to your new colleagues?
8.  Have you been briefed on telephone and email protocols?
9.  Do you have a campus map if you need one?

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