Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising provides advising and support for undergraduates and their faculty advisers from freshman year through graduation.  They are specifically responsible for directly advising undergraduates during their freshman year on campus.  They support the faculty advisors to whom upperclassmen have been assigned for their major or minor.  Their office also coordinates the tutoring and study consultant programs.  And, finally, they also coordinate the pre-health and pre-law application process as well as the (inter)national scholarship programs such as the Fulbright and Rhodes. The undergraduate handbook is downloadable from their website, as are Degree Audit Checklists for each approved major and minor in the School of Arts & Sciences.   

Undergraduates who have decided upon a major must be assigned a faculty advisor for that major by the academic department.  The faculty advisor is responsible for ensuring that the advisee meets the requirements for the major.  The advisor and advisee should meet prior to each semester’s registration period to discuss the advisee’s enrollment for the upcoming semester.  The faculty advisor will release the advisee’s hold in ISIS, thereby allowing the student to register for the courses they discussed.

Undergraduates who have achieved Junior status must complete the Junior Clearance process, which, in effect, clears the path for the students’ Senior year.  More information on the Junior Clearance process can be found here.  Graduating Seniors are eligible to complete the Honors Clearance form, on which they can calculate any honors with which they will graduate.