Student Employment

Undergraduate students who are eligible to work on campus, or those who must find campus jobs in order to meet Federal Workstudy requirements, often find jobs as assistants in academic departments.  The Student Employment Services website contains helpful guides for hiring departments, including “screen shots” of ISR transactions.  SES staff also serve as the second approver on most ISR transactions for undergraduate students.


Volunteers are individuals who perform services for their own benefit, in furtherance of the humanitarian, educational or service missions of the School and/or to gain professional experience through their service to the School. Volunteers are uncompensated and provide services without expectation of pay. NOTE: Volunteers normally have no affiliation with the Johns Hopkins University. However, under special circumstances, certain Johns Hopkins employees may serve as volunteers when their paid work is substantively different from his/her work as a volunteer.

To ensure that an individual performing volunteer services is not an employee for purpose of the Fair Labor Standards Act, all of the following criteria must be satisfied in order for an individual to be approved as a volunteer:

  • The services are intended to be voluntary and to be rendered without compensation.
  • The services must constitute a bona fide effort of the individual to volunteer for a humanitarian or public service purpose or for the benefit of his/her professional experience.
  • The fact that the individual is an employee elsewhere in the University does not mean he/she cannot volunteer in a capacity that differs from his/her employment.
  • However, where an employment relationship does exist, that relationship may not be waived; so, for example, an employee cannot volunteer to do activities that are the same or similar to ones he/she performs in his/her JHU job.
  • Individuals volunteer their time for their own personal motives, without promise or expectation of compensation, at hours that suit their own convenience.
  • Volunteers must not be utilized in ways that displace or replace regular employees in the performance of their normal duties.

Detailed information on the process of working with volunteers can be found on the Graduate Admissions & Affairs website.