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Dean’s Desktop

Issue: Fall 2016

Welcome to our new faculty who will continue the time-honored Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence in teaching and research.

News Briefs

Issue: Fall 2016

More stories of note from around the Krieger School.

In Memoriam

Issue: Fall 2016

We remember Justine Roth, associate professor in the Krieger School’s Department of Chemistry,

Seen and Heard

Issue: Fall 2016

Look who’s talking: Krieger School faculty quoted in the media.

Faculty Awards

Issue: Fall 2016

The latest recognitions of our stellar faculty.

JHU seal

New Bloomberg Professors Named

Issue: Fall 2016

The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships are the centerpiece of the university's focus on strengthening its "capacity for faculty-led interdisciplinary collaboration" as outlined by President Ronald J. Daniels.

photo of bat from Moss lab in echolocation observation

Cute Moves Help Bats Catch Prey

Issue: Fall 2016

Head waggles and ear wiggles sync with the animal’s sonar vocalizations to help it hunt.

illustration of a prairie landscape

Students Against Climate Change

Issue: Fall 2016

Two Hopkins undergraduates were selected to represent the American Chemical Society at this year’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Snapshot: From the Office of Michael Edidin

Issue: Fall 2016

Take a peek into the world of this professor emeritus in the Department of Biology, who lectures and writes scholarly articles about antique watches.

Seeing the Numbers

Issue: Fall 2016

Researchers found the visual cortex in blind people is highly involved in doing math, suggesting the brain is vastly more adaptable than previously believed.