The fall semester marked the opening of the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories, rising in a graceful sweep of glass, air, and light. Nestled next to the Bufano Sculpture Garden hillside, the labs form the fourth side of the Mudd/Levi/Biology Hall complex. Here is where biology, chemistry, neuroscience, and biophysics will be taught in some inventive new ways.

By Rachel Wallach / Photography by Will Kirk

The spacious atrium is the perfect place for biology, biophysics, chemistry, and neuroscience students to take a break and explore innovative ways in which they can work together.

Today’s biophysics majors need experience with today’s tools, especially computational approaches. The UTL’s sophisticated computer lab and technology is the perfect setting.

Neuroscience students must be able to see and touch and compare the brains they study, and they can only do that in a bona fide teaching lab like the one in the new building.

Not only do chemistry students have more space in which to learn chemistry and conduct research, they also have the opportunity to work in the labs of their professors.

In the new laboratories, biology students are encouraged—not to be afraid of making a mistake in their research—but to embrace the trial-and-error process as a natural part of research.

Here are Fast Facts about the new Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories.