Medicine, Science and Humanities Spring 2017 Course Information

The Medicine, Science and Humanities major is offering one course in Spring, 2017. Dr. William Egginton will be teaching AS 145.102 “The Cosmic Imagination: How Literature Changes our Understanding of the Universe”

In addition, the following courses are cross-listed with Medicine, Science, and Humanities:

  • AS 010.420 Leonardo da Vinci: Between Art and Science
  • AS 040.238 Magic and Miracles from Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • AS 140.302 Rise of Modern Science
  • AS 140.476 Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  • AS 210.313 Medical Spanish
  • AS 220.317 Writing about Science
  • AS.220.424 Science as Narrative
  • AS 230.341 Sociology of Health and Illness

Feel free to contact Dr. Wiener if you have questions.