2011 Arts Innovation Grants

Museums and Society has been awarded two Arts Innovation Grants! Earle Havens, Curator for Early Books and Manuscripts, will use his grant to support the final project of students in a fall 2011 undergraduate course focused on printed books and the tradition of the Wunderkammer. And student Laura Somenzi’s grant will support her Woodrow-Wilson Fellowship funded research project that is focused on developing an exhibition about Zelda Fitzgerald at Evergreen Museum & Library.

In the fall 2011 semester, Johns Hopkins University and the Walters Art Museum will collaborate on a new course, “Halls of Wonder: Art, Science, and Culture in the Age of the Marvelous, 1500-1800.” This course will focus simultaneously on the Walters’ permanent “Hall of Wonders” exhibition, and on the rich rare book and manuscripts collections of the Sheridan Libraries relating to the “Hall of Wonders” tradition from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. The Arts Innovation Grant will support the conception, organization, and technological implementation of a virtual student-curated exhibition of rare books and manuscripts based on the collections of the Sheridan Libraries. The final project will result in a digital exhibition on a freestanding, interactive monitor/kiosk at the Walters Art Museum in conjunction with the Hall of Wonders permanent exhibition.

Undergraduate Laura Somenzi’s student-curated exhibition “Zelda Fitzgerald: Choreography in Color” should also open in Fall 2011. The exhibition will be funded by a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. The Arts Innovation Grant awarded Laura money to publish a short exhibition catalog to supplement the show. The exhibition will explore the role of Zelda Fitzgerald as an artist, in a period of transition for women from traditional domestic values to modern independence.